Friday, January 30, 2004

TGIF!!! Am I right?!!!! TGIF!!! Seriously...

Big end of the week plans that include, but are not limited to: A Moving Party tonight for my friends who are moving; Looking for a New Couch at Crate and Barrel; Buying a Vacuum Cleaner from Bed Bath and Beyond; Going Drinking Somewhere in Brooklyn; Doing Some Yoga In Brooklyn; and possibly doing some drawing of some kind.

I actually get less work done on the weekends in terms of comics than I do during the week. It's weird. I guess it's just easier to schedule an hour or two on a weeknight because there are no other options most of the time. Also - I don't mind staying up late drawing on a weekday, it makes me feel productive. If I stay up late on a saturday to sit at my drawing table I feel like a loser. It was worse if that ever happened when I lived on St. Mark's, because there was always a steady stream of youths walking past my window out on the town having an awesome time.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Now I live in Brooklyn. No longer will people be impressed by my street address. No longer can I go buy a bottle of water at one in the morning. No longer can I bore people by pointing out that I live across the street from the building on the cover of Led Zepplin's Physical Graffiti, no longer do I get to walk by the obnoxious nouveau punk kids lingering around on St. Mark's Place and snapping flyers for tattoo shops in your face.

The move went as well as a move can go. I both loved and hated having movers come. I loved that they did everything. I hated having to linger around while they did it, faced with the imminent threat of having to make small talk with them. I can be pretty small-talky when I want to, but I was tired and grouchy, and didn't feel like being chatty. Luckily they really didn't seem to give a shit, so at least they won't be going home talking about how the move went well and all, but that guy who's married to the boss-lady was so stand-off-ish...

One thing I like is taking a subway that goes over the Manhattan bridge. I am like a little child in that I get a thrill about riding on trains that go over bridges. Wheee! I am sure I'll get over that pretty soon once I've commuted ten million times.

My Study is almost all set up. I love having a Study. I feel like I should get a Great Leather Journal and use it to write my discoveries in, and I should store Interesting Curiosities on the many shelves. And I should force Aliza to knock before entering, so as to not disturb my Important Thoughts.

I was home waiting for the Cable Guy to come all day tuesday, so I had a nice day getting acquainted with the new place. I drew a lot, I ordered Thai food for lunch, and I found out where the place to drop off Laundry is. I felt like telling the women at the Laundry place that I'd just moved in next door and they'd be seeing a lot of me - but similarly to the movers, I don't think they gave a shit.

Tonight I am going to go and pick up my clean clothes, so perhaps I'll attempt to be a little neighborly then.

Another things that I don't like about Brooklyn is that you have to wait until certain days to put your garbage on the street. I liked it in Manhattan when I could just throw out bags and bags of garbage around the clock. This came in very useful when we were clearing out for the move, so maybe that's why I think it's so important. Perhaps I won't actually fill fifteen garbage bags full of old 'zines and bits of paper every day like I was during that time.