Wednesday, July 30, 2003

If I want to get Gabagool! #5 printed up in time to take it SPX I have to have it finished by the end of next week. This is probably possible, but I am a little nervous about it. However, worrying over something like that isn't going to stop me from playing HeroClix tonight with my buddies (Chris "Gabagool!" Radtke, Alex "Box Office Poison" Robinson, and Dave "Eep" Mazure - check out all their fine comics, I endorse them all). I can't not play, I still haven't used the promotional Superman that Aliza picked up for me at the Wizard offices.

I spent this past weekend in a remote cabin at a bachelor party of a friend of mine. The best thing we did: Paintball. It was so awesome. But hard work too. I am in reasonably good shape, but I was sweating and out of breath the whole time. Also, the paintball pellets hurt, and I have two large yellow bruises on my leg now from the game.

I told my pal Gary "Gazbot" Gretsky about the game. He is a player, and has been trying to get me to play in the past. I could see wheels turning in his head as he asked me whether or not I would like my own paintball gun. I'm taking this to mean he's thinking it might make a good wedding gift. I think it would be a swell gift. Aliza on the other hand... didn't really seem to appreciate the concept in the same way that I do... I think the bruises on my body look sexy, like I am some kind of warrior. She doesn't get it though, she just makes dissaproving sounds and forces me to rub cream on them before I go to bed at night.