Friday, September 19, 2003

Currently listening to Tie Your Mother Down by Queen. It's nice having a door at work so's I can play my music without having to wear headphones.

Poor Aliza hurt her neck last night when we were hanging about in bed. She didn't even do anything too extreme, just turned her head quickly and pulled something. It was my fault, I was trying to drool on her. That may sound gross, but if you were there you'd understand that I was only trying to drool on her because she was acting up and biting me for no reason. Of course, if you were there I would have gotten upset and probably smacked you with our iron. We keep it conveniently next to the bed, so's I can step on the plug in my bare feet in the morning and yell.

I ran into an old college friend the other day when I was in Brooklyn for Aliza's shower. It was cool, he looks good and seemed happy to see me. I gave him copies of Gabagool! 4 and 5. I find the comics are a good thing to hand to people when you run into them like that. It's a good shorthand for the whole "what have you been up to?" thing. I don't have to explain, I can easily just show them that I've been up to spending too much money on vanity projects...

Radtke, often reads my blog and seems to get disheartened when I say things like the above. So, for Radtke, I must make it clear that I am only being funny. I know Gabagool! is very worthwhile. I am very proud of it.

Speaking of which, I had a good night last night drawing. I am almost finished with this page that has been dogging me since SPX. I think once it's done with I can get back on track with my usual one page every two nights or so, which I think is a better rate than one page every month. Incidentally, the current page has boobies on it.

Tomorrow I have three parties to go to. I am going to be pretty tired when it's all done because they are all over the place. On sunday we have a wedding. I am psyched for that, I'll get to wear my new suit again. My brown one, not my wedding one. I am not allowed to wear the wedding suit until after Our Big Day. That is when it will be making it's debut. I think the shirt will recieve rave reviews. My Dad told me the other day that fucia was his favorite color, so he should be pretty psyched when he sees me in all my Hot Pink Glory.

Soembody To Love is playing now, so that means it took me about half of Queen's A Day At The Races to write this shit. I better finish up in that case, I have some work to do...

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Speaking of which, the office baby just came by for a visit. It was very cute, like an adorable, wrinkled up little old woman.
Things have been moving slowly since the big SPX. Usually after a show I am recharged, but after this particular show it has been different for some reason. It's taking me a bit to get back into the swing of things. I drew four pages in the week or so before SPX, and I've barely finished one since I came back. But last night I had a bit of a breakthrough, things started to come out right again, so I feel good once more.

My pal James is due to have a baby at the end of this week. It is exciting, he is the first high school buddy of mine to have a kid (well, first one that I keep in touch with). A lady at my work just had a baby, and Aliza's cousins both had some too. Seems like a lot of babies around.