Friday, September 12, 2003

So, a few new things. One: I updated the Gabagool Page on my web-site so there's actual content there now. Click here if you haven't yet read Gabagool #3: Rock Soldiers, because this is your chance.

SPX came and went. I couldn't help but notice an air of Carter's Malaise hanging over the convention, but overall it was a good show and I got to meet and talk to some good people. We made some bucks, and sold some comics, and that's the whole point of these trade shows. But still it was fun. And Aliza came which was great. It was her first multi-day show, and she was wonderful.

There was a guy who we'd sold a comic to at MoCCA who makes documentaries who wanted to film us down at SPX. He showed up on saturday and filmed us for a few hours. It went reasonably smoothly, and he got some good footage of Radtke selling the books and a few other things. He came over to my apartment last night to actually do some interviewing.

Originally we were going to conduct the interview at the bar where Radtke and I usually go to write our scripts, but we forgot that they blast music from their jukebox in there. Aside from being loud, it presents a problem of clearances and rights for this guy.

So we left and went to try and find somewhere we could sit outside. We tried a few restuarants, but eventually decided to climb up on my roof and do it. Because yesterday was September 11th, we had an amazing view of the towers of light from my roof-top, but we wisely decided to shoot in the other direction, facing the Empire State Building, so's as to not appear exploitive. I was worried that it would seem weird that we were talking on my roof in the dark, because that really isn't where I usually go to write or even hang out at all, but the guy seemed happy enough with it. So Radtke and I talked until his battery powered spotlight died, at which point I suggested we go film in my actual apartment.

Why didn't we film in there to begin with? you ask. Well, the main reason is that Aliza was down there trying to finish up our invites, and I felt guilty not helping, and assumed that bringing some stranger into our apartment to film me talking about myself might have annoyed my darling bride to be. I was wrong though, she was fine, and we finished our interview in the bedroom next to my drawing table.

There is going to be a good scene in the movie, if it ever gets made, of Radtke seeing the new pages from Gabagool! 6 for the first time. There is a full-frontal nudie picture on the fourth page of the protagonist, Christopher Vigliotti, and I think Radtke was suprised at how graphic, and un-flattering, I'd been with the first ever Gabagool! penis shot. It'll make for good laffs, in the movie and in the comic.

The guy left soon after that and I helped finish the invites. They went out today, all 160 or so of them. And they look awesome, if I do say so myself.