Thursday, June 26, 2003

I have had to take a few days off to recover from the madness that was MoCCA weekend. It's sad that it flew by so quickly. know, I know, everyone and their mother is saying, it really would be better if it was two days. From what I gather from talking to the people who put it together though, getting the Puck building for two days does much more than just double the costs, because it actually costs a lot more to get a saturday than it does a sunday.

Anyway, who cares? Here is my run-down of the weekend:

Friday night: Non MoCCA related - we went out to get some fancy pizza with my Best Man and a bunch of other people, including a couple who have also gotten engaged who I haven't seen in a while. That it always fun because then you can start comparing notes. Aliza and the girl got to talk about invitations and guest lists and stuff, while me and the other guy got to sit and chuckle at our wives to be and complain about money and adult things like that. I am glad to see that I have turned into my parents in a matter of only months. My new main routine is to act like a cranky husband who's wife is a spendthrift, who likes to blow all my hard earned money on shopping sprees and weddings. Just like on the Flintstones. Of course, in real life, Aliza earns as much as I do, and isn't actually so bad when it comes to money. Her only thing is that she is a little too free and easy with cab rides, but we all have our things.

Slightly comics related note to the evening: One of the other people who came to dinner is Bob Kane's second cousin. I guess this is neat. It's not like I am a huge Bob Kane fan, but this was a nice little fun-fact all the same.

Saturday: I don't really remember what we did all day, but I know we did something, because we were out of the house most of the day, and therefore pretty tired by the time we went out to start our night of pre-MoCCA parties in Brooklyn. The first party started at 6 (boo) and was in Brooklyn (booooo) out in Bushwick (double booo). Actually, I didn't know where we were, but a few people were mentioning the shabby neighborhood we were in. It didn't actually register to me that it was a shabby neighborhood, because most of my Brooklyn experience comes from the year I lived in Crown Heights, which is pretty rough. Maybe I just think all of Brooklyn is run-down, with collapsed buildings littered about, but this probably isn't so. All's I know is I spent a year living across from a tumbled down heap that I think was attached to a children's day school, so I didn't really think it was odd that there was a similar looking structure across the street from the party.

A cartoonist who calls himself James Kochalka Superstar played an acoustic set. Everybody stuck around and watched him do his thing. Then Collider went on, and everyone left. It was too bad, because Collider rocks, and I think everyone missed out.

On the way to the second party Chris told Aliza about the strip club we went to when we went to SPACE. This was remarkable, because we had made a blood oath to keep this a secret. I was aghast at his betrayal. She didn't seem to care.

Sunday: MoCCA day!