Thursday, November 06, 2003

In the midst of a very not-relaxing week - I've felt all frazzled and awful since saturday. So much to do. It's no fun at all. In about 45 minutes though I will leave work and not come back for about 17 days, so that's pretty sweet. I am very much looking forward to the time off. Then, in about 48 hours I'll be on my way to the Temple to get all married off.

Had a panic attack last night when I put my ring on and couldn't get it off again. It came off eventually, but took much coercing. I took it back to the Diamond Lady today to see if they could make it bigger, but she told me not to. She had me put it on and then told me to relax my finger. It came off a lot better once I did that.

I don't think the above episode is some kind of metaphor for my feelings about getting hitched though - I think it reflects more on me just be unused to wearing jewelry of any kind, and having a phobia of rings getting stuck on my fingers. I know how it goes, the ring fits now - but ten years from now when I weigh an extra 60 pounds the ring is going to be stuck to me as my fatty fingers grow around it like trees do when you tie something around them. Then, if I ever do manage to wrench it off from around my porky digits, they will be all mis-shapen and deformed. I've seen it happen, I know how it goes.

Maybe I just need to get used to it. I have never worn much jewelry - a girl in high school once got me a gold wrist chain that had Ich liebe Dich engraved on the inside (we were in German class together); and I briefly had pierced ears - but aside from that I usually don't accessorize. I don't even wear a watch. The way I find out the time is by asking Aliza to check her cell-phone. She never gets tired of that...