Friday, May 23, 2003

I made a little "store" at this place called, where you can go if you want a T-Shirt with the cover of Gabagool #4 on it. I may be overestimating the demand for such a thing, but hey, it's possible that someone might want one, and they're not that pricey. If anybody wants the design on something other than a T-Shirt (mouse pad anyone?) send me an e-mail and I'll hook it up.

The forecast for my three day weekend: Rain. This depresses me before I even get out of the gate. Nothing I hate worse than a crap weekend, especially one where I've got little-to-no solid plans as such. We have a couple things going on, but when you can't really go out much I find that axes my weekend activity fun by about 2/3rd's. I like being able to walk around and go places, not having to sit inside and watch TV. (well, I don't mind watching TV, but when I do it for twelve hours straight 'cos it's shitty out, then I get a headache...)

Gabagool#4 gets here in a little over 2 weeks. I am so excited. The people who've read it so far seem to approve, and I feel very confident in it. I can't wait for MOCCA. It's going to ROCK-A! (I know, that's a dumb thing to say, but I actually think those words every time I say "Mocca", so I thought I might as well get the phrase copywrited to me by posting it up here, even if it is dumb...)

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

There is a pregnant woman in my office. I thought she looked pregnant a few days ago, but I knew you can't really ask someone if they're pregnant or if they've just been gaining weight. Conveniently I overheard her talking to a co-worker about pregnancy, so I am going to use my detective skills and deduce that she is, in fact, knocked up. I told Aliza I couldn't wait until she was pregnant, I think she'll be so cute all waddly and bloated and cranky. Aliza disagrees.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

The kick ass cover of Gabagool! #4 can be found here, and the laff riot backup story starring the "lil' Gabagool! Kids" can be found here. Warning: This could be a heavy page, you might have to wait a moment for it to load.

Swell weekend of Birthday Celebrations and Socializing Fun Times. Culminated in me cooking Aliza dinner for her birthday. I know, it might not sound like much, but considering that the only other thing I ever cooked was Pea Soup "from scratch", it was a major step for me. My soon-to-be-brother-in-law was responsible for giving me all the tips I needed, and it went over very well.

I was totally stressed in the "Garden of Eden" market though, where I was trying to buy Flank Steak. I didn't know where anythign was, and there were tons of people in there who seemed to have more of a clue than me, so I felt very lost. I forget that to some people cooking dinner is a fairly normal thing to do.

I also never knew that the actual cooking time of some dishes is under 45 minutes to an hour. In fact, steak took 10 minutes to sear on both sides in the broiler, and the aspargus only took 5. I always assumed that anything, except the kind of food that you just heat up, like soup or beans, took almost an hour to cook.

This is a new and exciting world to me. Maybe I can learn to cook well. Aliza said my steak came out perfectly, so perhaps I have a gift for it...