Friday, January 16, 2004

One annoying thing about the cold weather is that I have to wear my snow boots to work. They are very cosy, but also very big. I feel foolish tramping around the office all day in these big moon boots. But, it gives me a certain spring in my step that could be confused for good cheer - so that works to my advantage when I am seen by bosses and higher-ups.

Aliza and I both have sweaters with the Scottish Lion Rampant on them. Hers is pink for girls and mine is blue for boys. She put hers on today, and I decided to wear mine too. She got mad because we might go out tonight for dinner or something, and we will look like idiots who're trying to be "twins". I think it's cute, I don't mind people thinking we're idiots.

No drawing these last two days. Wednesday I played D&D with my brother-in-law (I was the winner, 7 - 3) and yesterday I spent a good part of the night fiddling with my home computer. It was so messed up with viruses and adwares (from Aliza looking at online porn I suspect) that I decided to wipe the whole thing and return it to it's orginal factory condition. It works like a dream now, I am psyched.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Conventions I am going to this year:

APE - San Francisco. Don't have an official table, but I know enough other people who're attending that I will have places to set up a base. Then I plan on circulating the whole weekend and seeing who I know. I went to APE once before, in 1997 or so. It was the first time I met my now close friends Alex Robinson and Tony Consiglio.

SPACE - Last SPACE I got into a big debate with my pal Gary about whether or not I was emotionally ready to have children. He felt that I was not ready, whereas I maintained that I was. I may have just been being contrary though, I don't think I'm ready for kids. I am too selfish with my time, and they require a lot of attention. I would never get any drawing done if I had to play with the baby all the time.

MoCCA - The highlight of the year to come, I am always very excited about this show. It's funny to think back years ago when my friend Kristen was asking around if anyone would be interested in a comics convention in New York. The answer seems to have been a resounding "YES". She did an awesome job of putting together the coolest thing in the city. This year it is two days long. Sadly though, I will have to commute to get there, because I will be in Park Slope by summer.

SPX - SPX is the one I've been going to the longest. I enjoy it, though I found three days of conventioneering to be tough last year. It's funny, I really look forward to going to cons, but they wipe me out. I think two days is my prefect length. One day is too short, and three is waaaay too much. I dunno what will happen if I ever get nominated for an Eisner, because I don't know if I'd be able to handle five days at the San Diego Comicon.