Friday, May 30, 2003

Haven't said much this week. I'm not sure if it's 'cos I'm busy, or because I'm concerned my life has been getting boring.


1) Got the proof back from the printers of Gabagool! #4. It looks awesome. I feel so legitimate. On June 11th all the finished comics will be shipped from Canada to Chris Radtke's house, where he will store them in his basement - but not on the floor! I think it's risky keeping things in basements, because basements tend to leak, but he claims he has thought of this and devised a place to keep them where they would be safe from natural disaster.

2) Finished coloring Gabagool! #3 for moderntales, and I was told the stuff looked great. The story will go up in June sometime, not exactly sure when yet. Will be followed up by another Gabagool! story in August, which I will start coloring soon.

3) Played Hero Clix on wednesday, and kicked everybody's asses. Once more, I had dreams of being a Hero Clix. That's what you get from 6 hours of intense concentration. Concentration ON DESTRUCTION!


Nothing. Aliza is out of town. I am going to draw, perhaps play a little Clix, and get my hair cut. I need to get it cut now because it takes a week or two to look any good, which will coincide perfectly with the big MOCCA show on June 22nd.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Aliza and I cannot decide on dishes. It can't be done. Who knew it would be such a task? We almost agreed on a set of dishes that had little cartoons of French waiters on it, but luckily we changed our minds. The problem is that you have to think of these dishes in the long term. Sure, I think it'd be cute to eat my cereal out of a cartoon French waiter dish for a week or so, but 40 years from now I am going to be sick of them...

From what I heard on the radio last night we are going to start getting pushy with Iran. Also, the government is continuing it's process of quietly admitting that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.