Wednesday, June 11, 2003

I got sent some samples of Gabagool! #4 today. This is even more exciting than getting the blue line proof. It all looks perfect, except I think the writing on the cover is slightly too close to the bottom of the paper, but overall I feel great about it. It was my first time sending stuff off to press anyway, so I deserve a break. At least all the images came out beautifully and not pixellated. Now I will know for Gabagool! #5 to make sure and leave more room around the edges.

Speaking of Gabagool! stuff, I forgot to post these nice reviews of issue 1 and 3 that we got over the weekend. They didn't review issue #2, because I didn't send it to them. I am out of them at the moment. I don't care though. If truth be told #2 is my least favorite of the Gabagool!'s. The drawings are the worst, and we come dangerously close to making fun of homosexuals and retarded people, which I am sometimes not proud of. But whatever, it still has it's moments, the meat story I think is really funny, and it showed a growth in the storytelling and the characters.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

I went to see Collider record a live album on saturday night. On the way home Aliza and I played a new game where we pretend to be a drunken fighting couple. I would keep grabbing her arm and saying "come on!" and she would shake me off and yell and say she wanted another drink. This is funny to us, because we see these drunken fighting couples all the time and they make us uncomfortable. I think it would be really funny though if it turned out that all the other couples were faking it too, and in reality everyone is just having a good laugh.

Monday, June 09, 2003

Engagement Barbecue was yesterday. It was a delightful affair, the sun almost came out for about five minutes, and I was mildly drunk by 1:30 in the afternoon. It was totally sweet of my parents and Aliza's parents to put it together for us, and I think we were very gracious guests of honor.

After we wheedled our friend Rob into driving us back into the city (hey, we had a lot of gifts, we couldn't lug them all onto NJ TRansit...) we were wiped out. Aliza and I just lay in front of the TV for the rest of the night and watched the Tony's. Strangely we find them to be entertaining, despite the fact that we never go see any of the shows. Last year the only thing we'd seen was "Top Dog/Underdog", but we still watched the whole awards show.

Brian Denehy got up and totally dissed Eddie Izzard, who he had just beaten out for Best Actor in a Play. First thing he said was "Eddie Izzard would've been funnier". Har har, big joke, Eddie Izzard is a funny dancing monkey here to make you all laugh. Nevermind that he was up for his role in a drama - he's really just a funny clown who dresses like a woman. Speaking of Eddie Izzard's cross-dressing Brian Denehy next launched in to how Eddie should have his own category - since he's such a weirdo! I think he realized the gaffe this time, 'cos he quickly mumbled something about Eddie Izzard deserving an award and then looked nervous for the rest of his speech. Of course I have no idea what I'm talking about, but it's fun to play armchair critic when I'm sprawled out on the couch, my stomach full of hot dogs and potato salad. For all I know Eddie Izzard was laughing too. I don't even know if Eddie Izzard's play was a drama, I just assumed so since everyone looks so serious in the promo pictures I saw.