Thursday, January 08, 2004

Last night I went to the comic store, but didn't buy anything. The one thing I was considering picking up was a box set of the new 3.5 D&D rules. You get a Dungeon Master's Guide, a Players Guide, and a Monster Manual, all for 85 bucks, minus my discount. There are two reasons I balked: 1) I'm not sure I even like playing D&D yet. I think I will play next week with my brother-in-law who is starting up a new game to see how I like it. And 2) I was going out to a book release party afterwards with all sorts of cool people in attendance, and I didn't want to be laden down with 90lbs of nerd paraphenelia (these books are only available in hardcover) in a packed trendy bar.

I bid on e-bay recently, and I am getting the Expert Rules box set from 1984 sent to me from England. This is the set I used to play with when I was a kid. Friends of mine who are more in the know tell me it was a badly designed system, which may account for the fact that I could never figure out how to play properly back when I was younger. I just couldn't understand how you were supposed to fight, so I ignored that aspect of the game and just spent all my time drawing maps. I didn't have anyone to play with anyway, except Kim Fox from across the street, and I knew he wasn't really into it. He was a bit more of a jock, while I was a big fat nerd with a squeaky voice and an english accent. We didn't stay friends for very long.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

The landlord approved us, we are Brooklyn bound. Aliza has been instructed to buy one of those laundry baskets with wheels that you see the old women in Brooklyn trundling around all the time. She has to use it in lieu of her normal purse.

Monday, January 05, 2004

We have decided to move to Park Slope in Brooklyn where all young Newlyweds in Manhattan go to die.

The apartment is really nice. Assuming the landlord approves us, it will be a sweet spot to move into. The major perk of the new apartment: A REAL extra room to put my drawing table and computer in. At the moment I draw in the bedroom, and compute in the ridiculous upstairs room where you can't stand up because the ceilings are only 4 and a half feet high. In the new place I will be able to stand upright to my heart's content as I waste my life surfing the internet and looking at rude pictures.

Speaking of rude pictures, I am mere weeks away from completing Gabagool! Number SiXXX, the all-sex issue. I am in the midst of the climactic final nude hot-tub battle - it's very exciting stuff. I have drawn more naked hairy men in the last few weeks than one would think possible. I just know the fans are going to go crazy for this one...