Tuesday, November 25, 2003

I have returned from my wedding/honeymoon epic with a new dedication to doing some serious drawing. I've done almost four new pages since I've been back. I am determined to have a collected Gabagool! book out to debut at MoCCA in June. I feel really good about it, the current stuff is coming out quite nicely.

Thought more about the whole "People who live in the dark space between the sink and the bath-tub" children's book. I think it will be about a family who moves from some other dank place in the bathroom (maybe the hole in the back of the medicine cabinet that leads inside the walls that we didscovered a few weeks ago when we had plumbing issues) to the space between the sink and the tub. They move there for the improved opportunities, and the kids do really well there, but have issues with their parents, who like all immigrants want to maintain the ways of the old country. I dunno, we'll see...

Ring update: I am used to wearing it. I like it, it makes me feel "adult".

Monday, November 24, 2003

I'm kind of intimidated about starting up my blogging again after such a long break. So much happened - too much to wrap up in any quick way. It was pretty fucking awesome though...

For now, here's a new Gabagool! #5 review