Thursday, October 02, 2003

Got home last night around 9:45, in time to catch the very end of Paradise Hotel, which I have to admit was a big disappointment. I do not think I will be tuning in next season to see the sequel. No thankyou.

On sunday I am going down to see my folks for my birthday. We are going to go to the annual Scottish fair at the PNC Bank Arts Center in New Jersey. Aliza can't make it, which is a big shame, 'cos I think it'd be fun to expose her a bit more to that kind of stuff. I plan on buying lots of t-shirts that say "Scotland the Brave" and stuff like that. I haven't had any t-shirts like that since I was in high-school, so I think it's high time I replenished my collection.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Still struggling with the cartooning, I have to force myself to sit down and do some work rather than go watch TV or just go to sleep. I have it figured out though, I have no show or con coming up, so I've got nothing to get ready for. It totally helps me motivate when I've got a clear deadline. I don't know how my friend Alex -who's writing a full length graphic novel- does it. I wouldn't be able to work at all if I had to wait so long for feedback.

Anyway, I've managed to get going on the wedding comic. We finished writing it, and I drew the first page in one of those Japanese brushy pens because I had it in my head that it'd make my drawings more "expressive". Turns out it made my drawings more "sloppy", so I had to re-draw the first page. It came out good though, I am going to work on it more later tonight.

When we were writing our story I told Aliza that we were going for a "naturalistic" style of storytelling. Last night she asked me what I meant by that, and I said "it means we're writing in all the boring shit that actually happened in our lives and making it all realistic and shit." When she seemed non-plussed by my answer, I admitted I didn't really know what it means. I'm dumb.