Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Today I discovered Friendster. It's kind of fun, but I am a little self-conscious about how few friends I have. It makes me feel a little losery, but just as I kept reminding myself in Junior High, quality is more important than quantity.

The only problem will be if they start having Friendster Gym, because if it's anything like Junior High then it means that absolutely nobody I'm friends with will ever be in a gym class with me and I'll have to either be mocked by the jocks or befriend the losery girls who take pity on me and let me be the only boy on their volleyball team.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

My bath-tub is clogged again. Two bottles of liquid Drano hardly made a difference. The plumber is coming tomorrow to "snake the drain", which hopefully will fix everything. I am going to feel stupid if the problem is just that the plug is closed or something. We have this really weird plug in our tub, it's this weird plunger thing off to the side. I think you're supposed to keep it in the "up" position, but it really doesn't make much sense.

The area that this plunger sits in is a small 2 inch gap in between the sink and the bath. There's not much room for anything to get down in there except lots of water and various caps to shampoo bottles and stuff. Consequently, we kind of have this nasty little swamp area in there that you can't get to. I can see all the blackness and gunge down in it, but I'm not going to put my hand down there to try and clean it, and neither is Aliza. I know there's probably all sorts of spiders and water-bugs and shit down in it.

I had an idea to do a little comic about that this morning, about the nasty things that live in-between my sink and bath-tub. It'll be like Fraggle Rock. Something the children will enjoy.

Monday, October 06, 2003

My body hurts a little today, I am having some kind of delayed reaction to the minor amount of yoga I did on saturday. I am all stiff in between my shoulders.

Aliza and I took a private introductory class together. She doesn't need introductory classes, it was all for my benefit, since I have been dragging my feet on ever actually going to yoga with her on the feeble basis that I'm not comfortable doing something like that in a room full of people who know what they're doing. I guess I have no excuses anymore, so it looks like I'll be doing yoga from now on.

I told my parents about the lesson yesterday when I went to see them. In response to the story my Dad showed me how he can balance himself on his head and elbows. It was pretty impressive.

The American Splendor movie website is running a little contest where people can submit their own strips to a script written by Harvey Pekar. Here's my entry