Wednesday, August 27, 2003

I need to think of a Queen song that I can dance with my mother to at the wedding. It has to be Queen, I have no choice, but there are no Queen songs that are appropriate.

Maybe "Bicycle Race"...
We're going to start looking for a new apartment in December or January, doing it before the wedding would just be too much to think about. We are going to go uptown, where people act like grownups, and there aren't bags of smelly garbage in the streets, and the guy downstairs doesn't blast "Ziggy Stardust" on repeat in the small hours of the night.

Of course, I don't know what I'm talking about. I am sure that an apartment uptown will have just as many odd "extras" as any apartment in this city. I have never had an apartment yet where there wasn't some odd thing about it that I had to deal with, such as the "second room" we have now where the ceiling is too low to stand up in, or the fact that I had no doors or kitchen in my last place, or the fact that my place in Brooklyn was in what's called a "rough neighborhood". It could be worse though. A friend of mine was telling me last night about a friend he had who was shown an apartment that had no bathroom. Apparently the realtor suggested "joining the gym up the street if you want to take a shower".

The actual responsible thing to do would be to move out of Manhattan, but Aliza and I aren't quite that grown up yet. I guess one day we might move out to the Jersey suburbs like proper people and pay a reasonable rent/mortgage, but neither one of us is looking forward to that eventuality.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

The new comic should be showing up any day now. If it shows up early I will have to keep that a secret, because I don't want to make myself ineligible for the "Outstanding Debut" comic at SPX.

Turns out that we are going to be staying to see the Ignatz awards afterall. This makes me happy, because I enjoy awards ceremonies, but Aliza is more wary of it because it's going to make things difficult for us the next day going to work. Oh well, so we have one sleepy day at work, that's no big deal. How often do you get to see a bunch of cartoonists sitting around a hotel convention room eating pigs in blankets and drinking. Not often enough I say!

Today at lunch I thought I would doodle in my sketchbook, which I never do. There's nowhere around that I feel comfortable doing it though. I can't go to Central Park, people will think I am just drawing to get noticed in the hopes that a girl or someone will come over and think I'm fascinating. Obviously I can't draw at my desk. They can't tell when I'm goofing off when I'm on the computer (like right now for instance) but they'd notice if I was sitting and drawing. And even if nobody gave me guff, I'd still feel like they were all thinking that I was thinking that they'd think I was fascinating or something. Makes me too self-conscious.

In the end I snuck out to the balcony on our floor and sat there for a bit. I went back in after a minute though because I was spilling my food all over the book, and besides the people in the offices across the street could all see me drawing and they probably all thought I was an asshole.