Friday, August 08, 2003

Whitey at Optical Sloth reviewed the SPX anthology. He seemed to dig it. Plus he mentioned my name.
Have decided to only print 1000 copies of Gabagool! 5, even though the cost of doing 2000 is a difference of 150 dollars. I think it's unlikely that I'd sell over 1000 copies of the comic before it's time to collect it all up and make an awesome Hedo Dogs graphic novel, so why pay more and have more copies of the comic going unsold?

Did our engagement shoot last night. I tried my hardest to look casual and relaxed, but it's hard to pose in the middle of the street and not feel a little self conscious. Also: my hair is too long, and didn't look good.

Psyched to get the latest comic off to the printer tomorrow. Frees me up to relax for five minutes before coming under fire to get the invites GOCCO-ed up and sent out.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Been working on the cover for Gabagool! #5 (2).

A near complete image of it is viewable here
Productive meeting with the wedding DJ last night ( She is a nice person. We were concerned about when we should play the traditional Jewish music and when we should play the traditional Scottish music. Talking it over with the DJ cleared it all up.

We will do the Jewish stuff first. This is good because more people are going to expect it, and also it requires more physical effort on our guests behalf. I need them earlier in the night when they are still capable of hoisting me and Aliza on chairs and running us around, and then possibly doing the same to the folks. At some point there will also be the circle dance (The Hora).

I wonder how my family will do with all this? Hopefully there will be enough Jewish people there to tell them what's going on and which direction to dance around in a circle and so forth.

Then later in the night when my family has had enough to drink there will hopefully be some Scottish dancing too. I have been to weddings with my family where this has been pulled off, so I am hoping to see it at my own wedding too.

In an effort to be better prepared for this whole thing (spiritually I mean) I have finally started reading my book on The New Jewish Wedding. So far I have discovered two things:

1) There's one tradition called yichud where the bride and groom go and spend ten minutes by themselves after the ceremony. I like the sound of this a lot. I understand that we're supposed to be worrying about getting our photos done at that point, but I think that can wait a few minutes.

2) There's actually not that much that's required to be done for a wedding to actually be a legitimate Jewish wedding. I think all you really need is some witnesses and I have to give my bride a gift worth more than a dime. She has to give me something too, but I can't remember what. It might be something like she has to promise to tend my sheep or my goats or something. Or maybe that's the ketubah...

Obviously I have only started reading the book, so things are still a little sketchy...

Monday, August 04, 2003

I was a fool to not start re-numbering Gabagool! once it went legit!

Diamond has just agreed to take me on and distribute the book, but the fact that the first issue is a #4 is hurting me. Stores aren't going to want to start buying a new series on the fourth issue, and there are no issues 1 through 3 that I can sell (unless Diamind is itching to get into the mini-comics biz). There are a few options, but the whole thing has given me a massive headache.

But still, it's great news that Diamond has picked up Gabagool! If all goes smoothly there'll be a listing in the October issue of Previews, and soon after that I will be able to quit my job and make a living off of the funny-books...