Friday, June 20, 2003

Well, MoCCA weekend is here. I am excited. I really didn't have to scramble at the end to get ready for it this time, I guess since I had to be so on the ball about getting the comic to the printers and all, I was very responsible. Last night I stapled and folded a couple things and watched the Pianist with Aliza.

The main thing I gotta do on sunday is sell. I need to make some money. The bill for the printing is going to come soon, and I want to do my best to get it taken care of a fast as possible. So if anybody who reads this is coming to the show, don't be annoyed at me if I'm in my "salesman" mode when you see me. I am just trying to earn some of my money back, don't hold it against me. I am normally not so annoying.

Tomorrow will be busy. We have to go to the paper store and try and get somewhere on these invitations. We also apparently have to make "Save the Date" cards and send them out too. Another thing is the cake. We have been discussing it, and we are definitely leaning towards taking the economical route with it. Cakes can cost up to a thousand bucks or so for weddings, but i think we'd like to keep it more around 3-4 hundred bucks. I know I am barely going to get any of it anyway, because once again I imagine I will be in my "salesman" glad handing mode at the reception, meeting and greeting and annoying everyone I come into contact with. I won't have time to sit dowjn and enjoy my cake, so I figure we ought not to spend much money on it.

Got a mention on as one of the books debuting this weekend. Pretty sweet.

Thursday, June 19, 2003

First review of Gabagool! 4 is here at Optical Sloth, and it's positive. Got a review of Gabagool! # 1 and 3 here, which is also pretty positive, despite the reviewers aversion to mini-comics. Interestingly, the book is compared to Doublecross and Box Office Poison once more, which are books done by some good friends of mine. I wonder if I started to make comics like Alex Robinson and Tony Consiglio because I'm friends with them, or if I became friends with them because I make comics like them?

Things I need to do, Comics related: Mail out orders that I've recieved. Update my website. My weblog is getting much more action these days than, but I love them both equally.

Things I need to do, otherwise related: A lot. Wedding, wedding, wedding! Come on Mike, kick it into high gear here, those invites aren't going to silk-screen themselves!

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Aliza and I managed to run three miles last night. From 9th street to 39th and back. I complained a lot, and Aliza told me that I need to not hate running, because that's why I never do it. It's true, I hate working out, but I always feel so good afterwards.

When we got back we ordered some awesome italian food and watched the last couple episodes of Project Greenlight. I really feel bad for that Pete Jones guy. Sure, he's makes a couple schlubby calls throughout the making of his film, but he really seems like a good guy. But I looked him up on imdb and I see he's not got any sort of followup project, which makes me sad. A person I know who made a short film that did well looks like he's got some followup projects already lined up, and he's newer on the scene than Pete Jones. Why nothing for Pete? He's got two kids to support! Give him a job, he did fine. The project greenlight show was kind of annoying because all these people are looking at this guy directing and shaking their heads the whole time like he's some asshole. It's his first time, what do you expect?! Poor guy...

After the show ended I got some awful abdominal pains and had to spend the rest of the night on the toilet/curled up on the bed whining, and so I got no drawing done, which made me very pissy this morning.

Monday, June 16, 2003

The comics came this weekend. I am now the proud owner of three boxes full of books in my little upstairs attic. Chris has the other four boxes in his place out in Brooklyn. Sales so far: 15! Five went to Forbidden Planet, and ten to Jim Hanley's. I went in to talk to the people at St. Mark's comics, and naturally they were kind of pricky to me, so I don't intend to take my comics back to them. That store has a bit of a rep for being run by assholes, but luckily I don't buy anything there, so I don't have to worry about supporting an establishment that I have a problem with. I take all my business to FB and Jim Hanley's, those stores are run by some nice people.

I have to say though, I find the whole process of going out and trying to get people to buy my books to be a disheartening and slightly humiliating one. I really hate it. I think the next order of business is for us to find some distribution of some kind.

Weekend was cool, did a ton of stuff on saturday, including buying a too-expensive shirt at the Beastie Boys store. I boughta couple cheap things too at H&M, but those were not recieved so well by Aliza as the Beastie Boys shirt was. In fact, one of the items received an actual thumbs down, but I'll show her. I'll wear it all the time until she gets used to it and admits it was a good clothing choice.

Gave my family copies of G4. I think they liked it okay, but I know that the constant outpouring of comics littered with foul language and gratuitous nudity is not impressing them that much.