Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Kick-ass review of Gabagool! # 1-3 at icomics.

Monday, June 30, 2003

Some late spring cleaning yesterday. Was very much needed. Now the whole house smells like floor polish and your feet stay clean when walking around barefoot on the hardwood. Maybe we should make cleaning the house a regular thing. Aside from it making the house nicer, it would also take less time to do it.

My favorite part of the cleaning project - when we took a break and got some lunch. I liked sitting out on the street eating a gyro and getting some sun finally. The only part that ruined it was two guys who were carrying toilets in and out of a doorway right next to us. I assume that the toilets were clean and probably even unused, but they were getting awful close to my back with those things at some points. And the toilets looked unweildy, I would not have been suprised if one was dropped.

My second favorite part of cleaning: it's a tie between taking a shower in a shiny bathtub with nothing growing in it, or getting into bed with sheets that have just been washed. One or the other, they're both nice.

Watched the third episode of the new Project Greenlight on HBO. The set up of this show seems to be the same as the last one: Get an amateur, give him some money to make a studio picture, then get mad at him for being an amateur. It's gripping!