Friday, October 24, 2003

New review of Gabagool!'s # 1-3 here
I had my haircut on wednesday. Paid an outrageous sum for it. It looks pretty good, and it's my wedding hair, so I guess I can justify the cost, but when I look at it from my friend Alex's point of view it's very upsetting. My haircut cost me 20 Heroclix booster packs! That's not even the worst - my shoes cost me 44 boosters. Well, if nothing else, I am going to look like a million bucks on my Big Day - or 368 Heroclix booster packs - once all is said and done...

It's interesting to me that the small press comics world seems to operate on a seasonal basis. The conventions start up in February or March (depending on if you go to/count APE, or if you start the season with SPACE in Ohio) and then end in September. This leaves us cartoonists a good 4 or 5 months of downtime in between. A time when we can cosy up to our drawing tables and actually try to produce something - instead of living life on the road all the time like a bunch of rock stars.

However, there is a new convention this year in Las Vegas at the beginning of November. Alex is going (the lucky bastard) to see how it is. Could it be that the season is going to be extended now, and Vegas will become the new Mecca for the small press? That would be cool, I liked Las Vegas the one time I went there. It would be a good destination.

Monday, October 20, 2003

My brother, sister-in-law, and nephew came up to the city for dinner on saturday. We went to some hole-in-the-wall Indian place on 6th street, where there are a million Indian food places all lined up in a row. It was really nice - my nephew is a little terror, but I had a great time playing with him and trying to keep him quiet. I was really glad they all came up to hang out.

At one point the subject of my old dog came up, and someone asked whatever happened to him. I used to have a Brittany Spaniel called Spanky who was a little shit of a dog that wouldn't behave and destroyed everything (like my nephew does now). He lived with me and an old girlfriend, and when we split up the dog went with her. It was her punishment for being such a crap girlfriend.

A few years later I got a cat who was also very bad. His name was Kevyn, and he had thumbs, and I taught him to attack and bite. I got rid of him too eventually, because I wasn't able to have cats in the apartment I was moving into. I missed him too, but he wound up living with my sister, so even though I don't see him much he's still in the family.

The joke seems to be that I shouldn't be allowed to have kids - since I'll teach them to be bad, and then give them away once they become inconvenient. The first part is probably true - I get a kick out of misbehaviour, but I would hope the second one would be something I'd prove people wrong about. On the other hand - I do enjoy living in the city, and we all know how hard it is to find an apartment big enough for a family here...

In other news: Wedding comic is close to done. It came out real good I think. Bought some fly shoes for The Big Day. They are Paul Smith shoes, they go well with my Paul Smith suit. I don't know who Paul Smith is, but I certainly seem to enjoy his gear...