Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Yesterday on the subway a girl got on at 23rd street and sat next to me. She pulled a book out of her bag which has come out recently collecting all the issues of a 'zine called "Cometbus" into one tome. It struck me as such an odd thing to see somebody out in public reading some obscure 'zine. I wanted to mention to her that I had read Cometbus too (though truthfully I've only read one issue where there was a guest writer) because I thought she would also be interested to know that there were other people out there who're familiar with this stuff. I didn't of course because a) nobody wants to be talked to on a subway, b) I got off at 14th street, the next stop, and c) I'm engaged anyway so what is the point of meeting new girls? (Of course there is "d) I was scared and afraid of rejection", but "c" cancels that problem out these days. I now have a more than legitimate excuse for not talking to pretty girls that I lacked in my single days)

Anyway, the one thing that has stuck with me is that it's pretty sad that I think it's such a remarkable thing to see somebody reading a small press comic when they're not actually at a small press comics show.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

I can name all of the presidents from McKinley on up and tell you how many terms they served. I know this isn't such an amazing feat, but my friend Rob didn't know things as simple as "who became president after Nixon?" or "How many terms did LBJ serve", which leads me to believe that the average citizen doesn't know that much of their own history. I'm not really any better, like I said, I can only do from Mckinley on up. I can't do any of them before that. It goes Washington - a bunch of people - Jackson - some more people - Lincoln, Johnson (I remember that because of the eerie coincidence of a Johnson following a President who gets shot in the head), -some more people - Hayes, - some people, Cleveland (I think), and then McKinley, etc...

So if you ever see me in person you can quiz me on Presidents of the 20th century and I will amaze you.

Monday, August 18, 2003

There was a blackout. Did you hear? It sucked my balls. The only thing that made me feel better about being one of the last people to get his power back was that my friend's Alex and Kristen also didn't have power the whole time either. That may sound mean, but I can guarantee they'd say the same thing about me.

If friday was the Blackout of 2003, saturday was the Big Wedding Suit Odyssey of 2003. It was a long day, but happily it ended with me getting an awesome suit and a cool shirt and tie to go along with it. It is very slim fitting though, so there isn't much room in it for me to gain weight, so I had to start running again. I don't want it to look like my pants are too tight on the day of my wedding, because then people will think I bought the suit a few years ago or something rather than specially for the big occasion.

Yesterday, amongst other things I watched a little bit of some wedding show on Lifetime, the Network for Women. It was all about three brides of different ages and their weddings. One of the brides was 30-something year old Kathy Griffith from "Suddenly Susan" and "Celebrity Mole". Being that she is a comedienne, she was being all funny the whole time. Like, when the priest asked if anyone knew any reason these two shouldn't be wed she made a big hammy angry face at the crowd and everyone laughed. Then when she said her vows she was being all funny too, like "I'm so glad I found you... 'cos God knows I looked..." and she made another face, and everyone laughed again.

I hope I am not as annoying as that on my wedding day.